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weeds growing in astroturf

Weeds growing in astroturf

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When you see weeds on and around artificial turf, your initial thought is probably that the weeds started growing underneath the turf and made their way through the backing. You might assume that the installers did not excavate all the weeds underneath the turf, resulting in weeds growing up through the artificial turf backing. This is simply not the case though.

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Here at ProGreen, our ProFlow backing does not have any perforations in the backing. This means that it will be harder for the weeds to take root below the turf. When you make it harder, it gives you more time. There is no way to beat Mother Nature, but we sure can make it harder on her!

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If you are having a busy week and you do not have time to pull the weeds growing in artificial grass, do not worry, our ProFlow backing can give you more time. Of course, all types of artificial turf will still get weeds. There is no way to prevent that. However, a strong, resistant, non-perforated backing can help control it. An artificial turf backing that has perforations allows the weeds to take root easily beneath the turf. Once the weed is left to sit for too long, the weed will then be allowed to root deep below and start growing down into the ground through the perforations. These weeds will now be harder to remove. These deep-rooted weeds could potentially damage the turf and result in the area(s) needing to get replaced.

Can Weeds Grow Through Artificial Turf?

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Hang on, wasn’t part of the reason you got artificial grass in the first place because you wouldn’t have to deal with weeds ever again? Well then, if you’ve noticed some pesky weeds growing through your turf, you may be asking yourself, “What in the world are these doing here?” But don’t worry! Treating weeds in turf is actually really easy to do. Plus, you have multiple options to get rid of them and help keep them from coming back. We’ll cover your weed-killing choices from home remedies with boiling water and vinegar to commercial sprays.

Weeds growing in astroturf

There was recently a question on our Forum page asking if weeds grow through fake grass which gave me the great idea to write a full article based on this. I mean, installing artificial turf can be an expensive investment, which over a period of time should save you money when there is no longer a need to pay a gardener to come and cut your lawn, but if weeds still grow then is it really worth it? And if they do grow then how do you stop them?

If seeds get into these small holes then yes they can root and grow into weeds. The problem is that artificial grass is usually laid on either sharp sand or granite dust, both of which will allow for weeds to grow if your fake grass is laid directly on top. You may wonder what the chances are of weeds growing in these small holes but let me tell you, we once went to a property where they asked us to re lay their artificial turf (newly built home where short cuts were made) and the weeds growing through the fake lawn was unbelievable!

The only other place that your artificial lawn may get weeds is along the edge, which unfortunately can’t always be prevented. For example, if you have paving slabs in place, and you have a wooden frame going up against it holding the fake grass in place then there can only be a gap (no matter how tight of a gap) between the frame and the paving work. Weeds will find a way to grow anywhere! Fortunately these weeds are usually easy to pull out and you can always use a pet friendly weed killer to keep on top of these. Compared to the time and money involved in maintaining a real lawn, this is a small problem. Although it’s worth mentioning that in my garden where I have installed artificial grass, my frame is up against a patio and I actually filled the tiny 1mm gap with a clear all weather silicone to stop weeds from growing. I’ve never read this as a recommendation, but it’s worked for me!