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weeds growing out of wall

Dismantle and rebuild the wall, reclaim materials where possible.

Hi Guys, I've recently had a new roof done as the old roof was probably the originally one and was riddled with cracks, moss.

On the interior wall of my bathroom (under the window but an exterior wall) there is a diagonal line where the paint has bulged.

Hello, I have two small issues I'm hoping are easy to fix myself. 1) Around the house and between where it connects to the.

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Answered 26th Sep 2019

Sorry to have to agree with the below answer the damp with get into the brickwork and keep on rising,bricks can absorb a lot of moister so it’s not always just a case of grinding out old mortar and repointing. Sorry

Answered 26th Sep 2019

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The wall should have been taken down because the moisture in the wall will keep the weeds growing, sorry to be the bearer of bad news

I’ve just had my garden wall repointed and coving tiles recemented at a cost of £1000.
I’m disappointed to see that weeds have already started sprouting from some of the repointing. Should this have happened and if so, is there any way to seal the brickwork to prevent it and how much should I expect to pay? They have appeared high up so I can’t easily reach to remove them. Thank you

Weeds growing out of wall

It rather depends what the ‘vine’ is as to how easy to deal with it might be, so a photo of it would be useful. Hopefully it’s not Japanese Knotweed, which will punch right through solid concrete and grow in your lounge, if its beneath, but that would be the landlord’s issue, not yours, though if it is that, your fiancee should move as soon as possible before a forest develops inside the home, as there is no easy effective treatment. Otherwise, some type of bindweed, or possibly Russian Vine, but that can only grow inside if it manages to find a crack or hole to get through, again from outside or underneath the building, and is somewhat easier to deal with. Again, the landlord is responsible for sorting it out.

Is this something I can take care of, or will I need to call the landlord in to remove the cabinets?

Call in the landlord. The plants have to be getting water to grow from some source. Either it’s penetrating the siding of the house, it’s found a way into the plumbing system, or there is a leak (e.g. plumbing or roof) that is getting water into the wall.

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In a rental unit my fiancée just leased, 2 weeks after she moved in, a vine-type weed sprouted from the baseboard in her kitchen. Upon further inspection, I was able to pull about a foot of vine before it snapped, and more vines were found to be growing above her dishwasher. The flooring appears to be a concrete base, no plants are penetrating the visible substructure from outside, and the plant growth appears to be contained between the walls and cabinetry.

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