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what equipment do i need to grow cannabis indoors

What equipment do i need to grow cannabis indoors

One thing you will always want is a fan. Marijuana plants like fresh air and maintaining a flow of air over the plants helps prevent mold as well. Any oscillating fan is great for this.

Nowadays, I recommend everyone use LED grow lights, no matter the size of the grow.

If you need to adjust pH, use pH-up and pH-down solutions. Follow the instruction on the bottles.

I don’t have any specific recommendations for any other climate control equipment you may need, since you can buy oscillating fans, air conditioners, heaters, humidifiers and dehumidifiers anywhere and they all work fine for the task. If you want some recommendations, check out our article reviewing the best fans for grow tents.

Climate Control Recommendations

This temperature and humidity monitor is great, because it works remotely. You can put a sensor inside your grow room and monitor the environment from the screen outside the room.

Cannabis is called weed for a reason.

Once the plant has outgrown the cup, transplant it into a larger pot ( 2 or 3-gallon), and keep moving it to a larger pot when it is ready. This ensures faster growth.

Nutrients and pH Balance Recommendations

In terms of how much light to get, a good rule of thumb is to get a minimum of 50 watts of lighting power per square foot of canopy. Better, shoot for 65 watts.

You can also use ventilation to adjust the environment inside the tent, but only if the environment outside is suitable. For example, if you want to lower the temperature inside your grow room, but the temperature outside is even higher, then ventilation will solve nothing.

What equipment do i need to grow cannabis indoors

Each tray has a perforated bottom and sides of one centimeter of wire mesh. The rim is solid for easy cleaning.

The cannabis industry is rising and becoming more popular. Hemp is a very versatile plant that produces rope, paper, clothes, and much more. Over the years, CBD (Cannabidiol) has become well-known for being a natural supplement. More states are legalizing the usage of cannabis and CBD products are popping up everywhere.

Warehouse1 also provides a confidentiality agreement to keep your business secrets safe from any competitor. Learn more about our grow room services here.


Industrial grow rooms need a lot of supplies and equipment. Typically, larger operations are found in big, steel buildings with support sections and have many different rooms for different stages of growing.

When you run your ventilation, exhaust from the top of the room and bring in cool air from the bottom. Have two oscillating fans pointed at the bottom, and don't take air from the same room you are exhausting stale air from.

Large Scale Grow Rooms – Industrial

Industrial grow houses can support hundreds of plants on automated racks and trays as they advance in size. Industrial grow rooms also require a lot of upkeep. Warehouse1 can help provide equipment and a space-saving design for your commercial grow room.

A grow tent has a sturdy frame made of metal poles and a covering to reflect light back to the plants while not letting it escape to other areas. The covering slides over the poles to complete the tent. It has zippers, and there are ports for ducting, electric cables, and grow equipment.