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what equipment is needed to grow cannabis

What equipment is needed to grow cannabis

Robert Bergman gives his excellent Marijuana Grow Bible away for free, because he also runs a great online seed store and he hopes you will end up purchasing your seeds from him.

Each section will have general information and end with a recommendation box, where I recommend specific products, in case you are not sure which ones are any good.

My favorite lights are those from Horticulture Lighting Group (HLG). If you are on a bit of a budget, Spider Farmer lights are a good alternative from China.

But you could go larger or smaller, depending on whether you prefer to grow many smaller plants or fewer (or even just one) larger one. The size of the plants determines how many plants you can fit in a X by X grow tent.

Odor Control Recommendation

You should be fine using tap water for your weed plants. But you do want to know what is in it.

For smaller scale growers, the ideal space is a grow tent. It allows you to keep your plants enclosed in their own environment and is perfectly suited for indoor growing.

If not, you’ll need to get your hands on some seeds or clones in order to grow a cannabis plant (imagine that!)

Indoor Grow Room Checklist (Items Needed For Growing Weed Indoors)

The most common way to grow without soil is hydroponics, in which nutrients are fed to the roots via circulating water. This gives you faster growth and bigger yields, but it is more complicated to setup and requires more attention, so it is probably not the best for beginners. I will cover hydroponic growing in a separate article.

When growing in soil, marijuana likes a pH between 6.0 and 7.0. You do not want to stay at a single pH level, but let it vary throughout the range, with most of the time being between 6.2 and 6.9.

What equipment is needed to grow cannabis

Shopping lists are highly recommended so that you don’t end up spending more than you need to spend on unnecessary or expensive things. If you take your time to have a look at the current market and options, you can save quite a lot.

Materials needed to grow cannabis indoors:

If you’re planning on using a grow tent, there’s no need to worry as they’re fully sealed so that no light can get in. If you’re growing in a wardrobe or in a room, you will need to cover every inch of the walls in reflective sheeting for grow rooms, making sure that absolutely no light can get in.

2- Grow lamp / Lighting kit

The yields mentioned above are the average numbers obtained under normal growing conditions. Professional growers can definitely harvest more than that, and beginners will most likely harvest less. When it comes to the lamp distance, this can also depend in the growing conditions and your plants’ health. These numbers are simply a guide.

What equipment is needed to grow cannabis

Take the grow space of your room or tent and divide it by 50-75 w's to get the watts by square foot needed. But what type of lights should you get?

We can help you determine the best high density storage solutions that will maximize your space. We carry high-rise perimeter shelving and mobile high density storage systems so you can determine shelf location based on carton sizes. This will minimize the dead space in each area of your operation.

Fans and Proper Ventilation for Constant Air Flow

You need a constant stream of fresh air in your grow room. This will prevent stale air from accumulating, prevent stunted growth, strengthen your branches, and help with your temperature/humidity control.

Warehouse1 carries Decarb Oven Tables, PrepMate trimming stations, work tables of various sizes, and custom designed tool storage carts to help with the trimming process. They are durable and easy to clean.

Other Necessary Equipment

The trays contain no galvanized wire, and hold up to washing.