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what is the ideal temperature for growing marijuana

What is the ideal temperature for growing marijuana

Each stage of a plant’s life-cycle is prone to different needs. With the right equipment, these needs are easily managed when the focus is on keeping everything within the desired ranges and as constant as possible.

That said, we are not experts in growing specifics or in the design of custom-growing spaces.

Flowering Period

Too much humidity in your curing space and you might be left with perfectly grown, but moldy cannabis. Nobody wants that; neither the individual user nor the dispensary buyer. Moldy cannabis is easily the fastest way to ruin your reputation as a reliable grower of high-quality buds.

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On top of the need for specific temperature and humidity controls throughout the growing process, it’s worth mentioning that humidity level during the drying process is equally important to the quality of the final product.

What is the ideal temperature for growing marijuana

LEDs are known for needing just a little electricity and for producing less heat than HID grow lights like MH or HPS lights.

With bright grow lights (such as LEDs or 600W HPS and brighter), cannabis plants of all stages can thrive at slightly higher temps up to a max of about 85°F (30°C) even with no CO2 enrichment, as long as there is low relative humidity and plenty of air movement.

This heater gently radiates heat instead of blow hot air

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