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where can i buy marijuana seeds in massachusetts

Where can i buy marijuana seeds in massachusetts

Ultimately, outdoor cannabis growers in Massachusetts are recommended to grow fast-flowering seed strains to avoid fall temperatures. In other words, autoflowering or feminized seed strains are ideal for the overall environment in Massachusetts.

Remember, neither of the penalties mentioned above is taking note of possession at home. Instead, the listed penalties are for individuals found with cannabis outside a private residence.

Tips for Growing Cannabis Seeds in Massachusetts

Whether you have a law degree or not — it’s a good idea to know what’s legal when growing marijuana seeds at home in Massachusetts.

Penalties for Cannabis Possession in Massachusetts

Not only is buying marijuana from a local dealer illegal — but you’re putting your health at risk because the cannabis is untested.

Where can i buy marijuana seeds in massachusetts

What are people saying about cannabis dispensaries in Boston, MA?

This is a review for cannabis dispensaries in Boston, MA:

"A great spot located inside a former bank on a busy intersection in Brookline. Parking is a nightmare. The selection is limited but of highest quality. The different lines for medical and recreational is highly efficient and effective. The online reservation system is great for quick check in and pickup. The staff is super friendly. Prices are reasonable. The quality of flower is varied, commensurate with price usually. The primary downside is ordering from a picture, description and a price. Not being able to smell the flower until you open up your package at home is the biggest roll of the dice here. Overall this is the spot I would recommend for all your cannabis needs."