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where does weed grow naturally in the wild

Where does weed grow naturally in the wild

Take a trip along the roads of Nebraska, Kansas, and Iowa, in particular, and you will see miles of cannabis growing naturally. In the likely event that you find some, your first thought is probably to fill up your car with the stuff! Think about it; you could easily bring thousands of dollars’ worth of it home.

First and foremost, you must understand that what you, Miss Marple, have uncovered, is called ‘ditch weed’ in the U.S. Known as wild marijuana or feral cannabis, it is usually descended from industrial hemp plants previously grown for fiber. The DEA says ditch weed is wild scattered marijuana plants with no evidence of tending, fertilizing, or planting. By the way, cannabis technically can’t be ‘wild’ in America since it is not a native species here. The correct term, in this case, is ‘feral.’

What About Wild Marijuana in America?

Also, there are male plants mixed in with ditch weed, so it gets pollinated and puts its energy into creating seeds. Those who have tried to smoke it say they occasionally get a headache. If you have never tried cannabis of any type, perhaps the experience will prove pleasant. However, those with pot-smoking experience are unlikely to enjoy it.

However, this carries potential legal issues. There is a possibility that local police are well aware of the cannabis, and are watching out for people stealing it. While there probably isn’t an officer hiding in the bushes, you could find yourself in a police car. There is also a chance that the cannabis is part of an illegal growing operation. Once again, there is likely someone watching the crop. If they catch you taking some, the police will become the least of your worries.

What Have I Found? Is It Cannabis?

Take a trip to any Himalayan village, and you will likely see the plant thriving. Alternatively, travel to Pakistan, China, India, or any other nation in that region. In northern Pakistan, for example, cannabis bush can grow to the height of a one-story building! In Afghanistan, it is incredibly easy to grow marijuana. Indeed, it became the world’s leading supplier of cannabis in 2010!

If you enjoy foraging for indigenous herbs or flowers, you may be wondering where marijuana grows in the wild. Most experts agree that cannabis originates from south-central Asia and that through human intervention marijuana plants spread to virtually every corner of the habitable world. Over time, strains that took root in various regions (known as ​ “ landrace” strains) acclimated to be able to thrive in different climate zones.

To this day there are dozens of marijuana strains that grow wild across nearly every climate, but it’s important to remember that even though cannabis is a sun-loving plant, each variety has a a preference in regards to latitude, altitude, and humidity levels. To help you better understand the kinds of environments cannabis can thrive in, here we talk about the different climates where marijuana grows in the wild.