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white castle seeds

White castle seeds

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Nirvana White Castle is an F1 marijuana hybrid of two absolute winners. With a White Widow mother and our award-winning Ice for a father, White Castle marijuana seeds are as outrageous as one would expect. The sturdier, denser structure of Ice really thickens up the often light and wispy White Widow buds. White Widow’s flavour, strength, and social high remain very present in this cannabis strain. Medical marijuana users are extremely fond of White Castle for its pain-killing properties.

For those who like it sweet !Developed out of a Cindy 99 cannabis, bred with a fast flowering Sativa..

Night Queen

White castle seeds

White Castle seeds are best grown indoors. They become medium height plants which are high-yielders, producing in the range of 450 to 500 grams of high grade weed.

Legal disclaimer: Buying and selling White Castle seeds is legal in most countries with few restrictions. Marijuana growing is allowed in some states provided it is solely for ones own enjoyment.

White Castle is a spectacular jewel in the treasure hoard of Nirvana Seeds.

We do not pretend to be specialized in marijuana legislation around the world. If you have any doubts regarding laws on marijuana growing where you live we suggest you contact the appropriate authorities for interpretation.