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white cbg seeds

White cbg seeds




Hemp Worldwide produces industrial hemp grown under a registered license with the Oregon Department of Agriculture. These products have not been evaluated by the FDA. Hemp Worldwide products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

White cbg seeds

Matterhorn CBG was developed by one of our partners and fellow hemp breeder, Matthias Ghidossi. Founder of the company, Swiss Cannabinoid, Ghidossi has worked for years to cultivate his own terpene and cannabinoid-rich crops.

For seedlings, normal germination time is just 48 hours. With High Grade Hemp Seed’s average germination rate of 95%, you are sure to have a carpet of seedlings in mere days. Even more, you can rest assured that your plants are female, as we boast a feminization rate of 99.98% females.

Difficulty: Easy to farm
Resiliency: High
Compliance: CBG 15%*, THC 0.09%*

The medicinal potential of CBG is garnering serious attention in today’s market. CBG connects with both CB1 and CB2 receptors and it has the potential to provide relief for many conditions. Scientific research is eagerly looking at this exciting new cannabinoid.

Matterhorn CBG Flowers

Terpene Profile: Effervescent lemon and lime with skunky notes of hops.

Matterhorn CBG is a vigorous hemp strain that grows well in most environments. Originally bred from the industrial hemp strain Carmagnola, Matterhorn CBG genetics are well-proven. The Carmagnola hemp strain has been grown in Europe for over 15 years, producing both CBD and fiber.

At High Grade Hemp Seed, we pride ourselves on breeding hemp strains that are proven, strong, and diverse. For our team, CBG has been the next logical step in our journey to breed the best cannabinoid hemp strains on the market. In working with strains like Matterhorn CBG, we have been able to improve the availability of CBG products to consumers.

Growing Matterhorn CBG

Growers report the Matterhorn hemp strain harvests with biomass above 1.5 tons per hectare.

Cultivators enjoy the ease of growing Matterhorn CBG, and from seed to harvest, this vigorous hemp strain performs well. Not only is this CBG dominant strain easy to grow, but it is hearty enough to handle transplanting from greenhouses to fields.