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white fire og seeds

White fire og seeds

• 5 Seeds – $65
• 10 Seeds – $120
• 25 Seeds – $240

Optimal Growing Conditions and Climate:

Should you grow WiFi OG seeds indoors or outdoors? The choice is yours as long as the above two conditions are met. Keep in mind that these plants don’t tolerate cold particularly well, so if you decide to grow outdoors, consider your timing well.

The Appearance of White Fire OG Weed:

For beginners, WiFi OG seeds present a medium grow difficulty — which means, with care and precision, your grow will turn out well.

White fire og seeds

The WIFI OG is perhaps 1 of the most beautiful plants there is. When it is fully grown, the WIFI OG offers a kaleidoscope of colors. It is a great plant to show off. Not only the plant is great, but the buds themselves also contain a lot of THC. The plant grows to a manageable height and responds well to techniques such as SOG and ScrOG.

With the rich and full taste, we are extremely happy to have the WIFI OG among our finest Californian seeds collection!