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white lemon seeds

White lemon seeds

Pheno #1 – Hybrid pheno: The tallest and most vigorous of the three. Perfectly combines both sides of the indica/sativa spectrum. Yield is 8/10; the buds are extremely hairy; not too big, but very compact. She’s done in 65 days.

We’ve collected strain info from 2 growers for White Lemon.

Effect / Effectiveness

The taste is very intense and long lasting: On the inhale it’s all skunk and oranges, with slight notes of earth. On the exhale it’s predominantly piney. Also: Very nice! [9/10]

Easy to grow and also fast and rewarding strain. El nino pheno has almost rock hard nugs, and SLH pheno has long and hard buds. (longest top: about 45cm)

General Impression Indoors

Altogether we’ve collected 2 user comments about Strain Hunters’ White Lemon. Here you find the 2 english user comments:

White lemon seeds

It does not require large concentrations of nutrients during its cultivation and it is suitable for all crop types whether indoors, outdoors or in greenhouse.

This is a marijuana strain of medium height with vigorous growth and internodal distances of 8-10 cm. In this genetics we can find the best features of its parentals.

White Lemon description:

It is also remarkable that its cuttings will be rooted with ease, developing roots in a few days to safeguard this great genetics.

Its organoleptic qualities clearly stand out, containing hints of citrus lemon flavor mixed with Skunk notes and a slight Haze background that gives an incensed touch to the smoke.

The genetic material provided by El Niño is shown in the shape, size and color of the leafs which have a dark green colour very easy to recognize.