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white queen seeds

White queen seeds

20 White Queen Feminized Seeds $256 (approx. €180 or £143)

Whether you seek medicinal grade marijuana or simply want a stash for recreational purposes, White Queen seeds deliver.

5 White Queen Feminized Seeds $80 (approx. €65 or £57)

However, unless you are seeking medicinal grade strength marijuana, with a THC content of 20% to 25%, you might want to give growing White Queen seeds a pass.

Grown under optimum conditions, White Queen seeds have been know to deliver up to 500 grams per square metre indoors, or a whopping 800 gram per square metre outside.

The effect when smoked is powerful but balanced and has been described as mildly narcotic in effect.

Sticky with resin, White Queen cannabis emits a lovely intoxicating aroma.

White queen seeds

Facts about the WHITE QUEEN Strain:
Multiple winner at the Cannabis Cup
Big dense sticky buds
Grows well outdoors

White Queen’s rich royal fragrance is a most delicate perfume with her harmonious and delightful bouquet. This strain has an intensely powerful, almost hypnotic fragrance, from the crystal covered buds. THC-resin crystals like spectacular shiny diamonds. This is a wonderful strain, and an absolute must for the connaisseur. Enjoy Her Royal High -“ness”!

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10 seeds = $75
Type: %55 Indica / %45 Sativa
Climate: Outdoor
Yield: up to 500+ grams / squared meter
Height: Medium Size
Flowering period: 8 to 9 weeks