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white strawberry skunk seeds

Flowering Outdoor
9 weeks flowering, it usually needs support for the long branches.

Medium-tall plant with internodes between 10 and 15 cm.

Duration of High
Long lasting.

What the dried bud/crumbled bud looks like
Irregular shaped, medium density, small calyx and very dense resin.

Taste (burned)
Strawberry, tropical fruits, mossy, with a skunky earthy background.

White strawberry skunk seeds

Altogether we’ve collected 3 user comments about Strain Hunters’ White Strawberry Skunk. Here you find the 2 english user comments, for the ones in the other langues please click here: french (1).

Speed of high onset: creeper
Duration of high: long lasting.
Quality/type of high: mild, complex, body-like at first, then more cerebral and social.

The taste / flavour of White Strawberry Skunk was characterized as a little bit Sour (or Orange) and additionally as basically Sweet (or Fruity). . read more

White Strawberry Skunk Hybrids & Crossbreeds

Genetics: 50% indica – 50% sativa
Swiss Erdbeer (feminised) (. )

The aroma / smell of White Strawberry Skunk can be described best as Sweet (or Fruity and also a little bit Floral), fairly Sour (or Orange) and additionally as a little bit Microbiological (or Soda). . read more

How is White Strawberry Skunk growing outdoors?

Medicinally useful as an antidepressant, it produces a complex high that creeps slowly but stays long. It is a mild but pleasant body-effect and a stronger social cerebral high.

15% Pain numbing