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white tara seeds

White tara seeds

Then you say Mama Ayu Punye Jnana Pushtim Kuru Soha. This means, increasing wisdom, virtues. Mama Ayu is increasing long life. Punye is virtues. Jnana is wisdom. Punye Jnana Pushtim Kuru Soha. Punye karma, and good karma and virtues. So, increase your long life, virtues, and wisdom. Punye Jnana Pushtim Kuru Soha. To achieve long life siddhi. So, visualize the White Tara mantra at your heart, then light shining from your heart. And then you say White Tara mantra; repeat White Tara mantra.

So you have five kinds of what we call siddhi, in Sanskrit, peaceful siddhi. Siddhi of knowledge and wisdom, siddhi of power, siddhi of energy, siddhi of action (karma). Sanskrit word is Sita, Ratna, Padma, Vajra, and action [Karma].

Tam at the heart of myself as White Tara. If you do not have initiation, usually you visualize Tara in front of you instead of yourself as Tara.

My 100-year old teacher

Note: If you have initiation, you would visualize as Rinpoche outlines in detail. If you do not have initiation, you can still do the practice and mantra by visualizing White Tara in front of you, facing you, with healing light coming into you — rather than yourself as Tara.

So, I will explain how does it work for practicing long-life mantras and sadhanas. Okay, so when you practice long-life sadhana, such as White Tara, and recite the mantras, it purifies unwholesome karmas of your past life, that you may have unwholesome karma that you’ve created in the past life that makes your life shorter. You may have a number of unwholesome karmas, or maybe one big one, or maybe one little one. You don’t know. We don’t know. But we assume so, because from the reincarnation point of view, that we have no beginning.

The layer of purple lotus petals

After the initial practice, you visualize protecting your life force with barriers of solid light, first white, then yellow, then red, blue, green.

And also, I’m not only talking about negative karmas of the past life. We have, also, positive karmas. We have virtues and many, many, many lifetimes we have created good karma and virtues and merit. Some of you might think, how do we know that we have created good karma in the past life? Well, we don’t know everything, of course. Human beings don’t know everything, and this is why we call the Buddhas our ‘All-Knowers’ and ‘Omniscient’. So, we don’t know.

White tara seeds

Homage to the Majestic One of precious ornament blazing,

Thanks for this useful information. I have a picture of white Tara. Where should I place it?
What direction should the picture face?
As it’s a wall hanging picture, where in the house should I hang it? Like bedroom – master or children’s..
Is there any prayer that I should offer on a daily basis when it’s hung..
Thanks n look forward to your response.
Can I request you to send the response to the email pls?

Quickly release your perfect action of increase which multiplies

Healing Light Visualization

White Tara has seven eyes.

May all beings have happiness and its causes, May they never have suffering or its causes. May they constantly dwell in joy transcending sorrow; May they dwell in equal love for both near and far.

Vajrayana Visualization can Generate Body Heat, Heal, and Manifest Deity Qualities Helping Overcome Ego

Buddhism teaches that “we are the creators of our own suffering,” said Venerable Zasep Tulku Rinpoche at a recent Lojong Seven-Point Mind Training retreat at Gaden Choling Toronto. “Everything depends on mind.”

I do, personally, work with several effective healing Buddhist practices and deities—including the most wonderful Medicine Buddha Bhaisajyagururaja—but, if I’m in pain, in need of quick help, or feel my very life is threatened by illness, White Tara is my main practice. Why? Because, Tara’s help is immediate, and nearly miraculous in results. [For a guided video meditaiton with H.E. Zasep Rinpoche, see below. For a very short White Tara practice that does not require empowerment see “Simple White Tara Practice” section at the end of this feature].