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white tygh dream seeds

White tygh dream seeds

① White Tygh Dream with about 31.6% total potential THC

②&③ (tie) GMO Cookies & Fatso with about 29.9% total potential THC. GMO Cookies is GSC & Chem91 as far as I've heard, Fatso is GMO Cookies x OG Kush and looks like it was from seeds by Cannarado Genetics.

Cultivation Classic results have been out for a few weeks, but they did their usual poor job of publicizing the results correctly. They gave out awards for best pocket mulch this year rather than product potency, so I went ahead and looked them up myself. The top three high THC strains were

White Tygh Dream is the unique creation of White Tygh Farms, they made that one themselves from genetics of Afghani origin. Does anyone here have experience with smoking White Tygh Dream? It wasn't in my judge kit so I've probably never smoked it before.

White tygh dream seeds

White Nightmare gets its genetics from crossing the hybrid White Moonshine with the hybrid Blue Dream – thus the creative name of this strain.

THC levels rest at 19-20%. White Nightmare’s high begins with a state of euphoria, leaving the mind quite spacey making it hard to focus. Bouts of the giggles may ensue as mood elevates and introspection occurs with some noting “psychedelic visions”. The body feels warm as it relaxes and the mind loses connection the world. Some reviewers claimed they fell into a trance-like or dream-like state.

White Nightmare is a sativa cannabis strain that derives its name from its parent genetics. Its scent and flavor are both sweet and not unlike berries or fruit. Its buds are shaped like spades and a deep forest green in color, having a sticky coat of resin.

Negative effects are your typical dry mouth and eyes, though higher doses may lead to paranoia or anxiousness.