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who grows medicinal weed

Elsewhere in Europe, companies have invested in cannabis farms and processing facilities in countries including Denmark, Spain, Portugal and Germany.

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“These plants are pre-attuned to daylight length so what we effectively do is create a long night so the cannabis plant thinks it should flower.”

The cycle of growth

After a few weeks in natural light, it’s time for the exciting part. “The whole of the glasshouse ceiling has blinds that can be pulled across to create near-total darkness,” says Tovey.

Last month, there were just under 10,000 approvals under the scheme, compared to 3,926 at the same time last year, according to the Department of Health.

The $400-million facility will focus on the growth, manufacturing and research of medicinal products.

He said ANTG's existing facility in NSW would soon struggle to meet domestic market demand, hence its new interest in a mega farm in Toowoomba.

European export opportunity

That has not deterred the community from supporting plans for a local medicinal cannabis industry.

Near Toowoomba's Wellcamp Airport, the facility will be able to export products overseas.

Key points:

"This new investment will be amazing for Toowoomba," he said.

No product has the regulatory approvals yet, so stock is unlikely to reach pharmacy shelves until at least the second half of this year.