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wrecking ball seeds

This is across from Chad Soloeski. 7 Pot X Naga. Then crossed it again with the 7 Pot brown. This is an extremely gnarly bumpy pepper. The predominant shapes I have been getting is almost like a boiling mushroom that’s ripens red.


Medium yields with peppers that are just blistering hot it is a super hot so use caution.

Isolated Pepper Seeds

Isolated pepper seeds company. Established at the end of 2016. My main focus is Isolated pepper seeds. I try my best to get them directly from the creators or very reliable sources. I grow out the peppers isolated under mosquito netting to help ensure purity. This minimizes cross-pollination. And with every seed order you will receive free seeds.

Wrecking Ball Chocolate-(Capsicum chinense)-This is natural variant of another pepper of mass destruction created by Wisconsin grower Chad Soloeski. This is the Brown or Chocolate variant. These came out of our Wrecking Ball 7 Pot Brown grow a few years ago. This was a red variety that did not retain the shape of the original Wrecking Ball. The original Wrecking Ball was a 7 Pot crossed with a Naga. Then he crossed it with the mean 7 Pot Brown. The result is huge superhot chiles that are full of capsaicin oil and look deadly but is red in color. Now follow me on this as this chile here now is brown like the 7 Pot Brown. And also has went back to the Wrecking Ball shape. So it is only fitting to call it the Wrecking Ball Chocolate. Or we could get complicated and call it the Wrecking Ball 7 Pot Brown Chocolate!! No that would be silly and confusing. Wrecking Ball Chocolate is much better as it defines color and shape. It does have a fruity flavor in the background if you can get past the searing heat. This is another chile we call a Reaper Killer. Because it burns way more. Try it yourself! The Wrecking Ball Chocolate chile plants grow over 3 feet tall. The peppers ripen from green to Brown and are larger than golfball size. 10+ seeds

Wrecking ball seeds

Pack of 12+ seeds harvested from open pollinated organically grown peppers.

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Pack of 12+ seeds harvested from open pollinated organically grown peppers.