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wtf seeds

Is it good or is it bad, or are we not sure? WTF is a strain that offers almost equal amounts of CBD and THC, making it a universally well-liked strain. A cross between Sour Tsunami, Cannatonic and Harlequin. With balanced effects, it might surprise some users that WTF is actually indica dominant.

Users will note that WTF will initially induce increased energy and creativity, and focus on a specific task will feel possible, so long as the tasks can be taken on quickly and aren’t too complicated. After a while, WTF will become more sedating.


This WTF won’t leave anyone stumped–it’s a cannabis strain that provides a boost of creativity and energy before allowing deep relaxation and happiness to take effect.

WTF can be counted on to make body pain go away quickly, and it has also been known to relieve inflammation. The mind will escape to a place of pure joy, allowing stress, anxiety and depression to release fully.

As you’d expect, the strange packages caught the USDA’s attention, urging people to mail the seeds to the agency or to their state’s plant regulator. Some people listened to the government and others, not so much. Here are some interesting details from Motherboard’s report on how overwhelmed agricultural authorities were and what likely happened to people who kept the seeds:

Following the seed fiasco, Amazon announced this month that it would ban the sale of foreign plants entirely.

To say 2020 is a wild year is an understatement — aside from the obvious thing that’s defined 2020, in July, some people across the US received an unsolicited parcel from China containing seeds. Motherboard’s editor-in-chief went to great lengths to find out what people did with those seeds, and you should read his report.

The way people reacted to the random seed packages are interesting, some reasonable, and some very odd. You can read the entire report over at Motherboard.