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yolo berry seeds

Yolo berry seeds

Improved strain of California Wonder, larger and more mosaic resistant, 4″ x 4″ diameter, thick flesh, 3-4 lobes, dark green to red, pendant, compact spreading 24-28 inches. plant, dense foliage protects against sunscald.

Capsicum annuum. (75-80 Days)

Pepper is one of the most diverse, showy, and flavorful fruits grown in the annual garden bed. Available in nearly every possible color and shape from the super sweet to super spicy, pepper grows stronger and tastes better with a season of full sun and high heat. Pepper plants thrive in pots and containers and can even perennially overwinter in warm enough regions, maturing into bushy, vibrant, and well-stemmed patio favorites.

Pepper seeds thrive in pots and containers and can perennially overwinter in warm enough regions. Pepper is a heat-loving crop and does not perform well in shade or cold soils. Sweet banana pepper seeds are best if started indoors 4-6 weeks prior to final spring frost. Sow 2-3 pepper seeds 1/4″ deep per cell or peat pot in fertile, organic, and well-drained soil with a pH of 6.0-6.8.

Harvesting Yolo Wonder L Sweet Peppers

It’s best to start Yolo Wonder Sweet peppers indoors for a longer growing season. Transplant when temperatures are above 75 °F. Peppers will start as green and then turn red. After 75 days, you should be able to harvest red and juicy peppers. Be sure to look out for cutworms and aphids

Some sweet and bell peppers can be harvested as soon as 60-70 days, but most hot varieties are ready about 100 days from sowing or when skin has changed color. Know the individual variety you are sowing to know when color has reached ripeness. Peppers can be picked early to ripen indoors or left to ripen and change color on the vine. Using a knife or shears, carefully snip off peppers while leaving some stem attached to the fruit. If working with hot peppers, wear gloves to avoid skin contact with capsaicin.

Recommended by USU, large 4″ glossy red peppers will develop on sturdy plants. This an improved version of the California Wonder, and resistant to Tobacco Masaic Virus. Yolo Wonder was developed for dry and hot climates. If you’re short on space, one plant will produce enough.

Yolo Wonder L Sweet Pepper in the Vegetable Garden

75-80 days. Yolo Wonder L Sweet Pepper Seeds. Capsicum annuum. Heirloom. Non-GMO. Classic bell pepper shape, size, and flavor, Yolo Wonder L sweet pepper seeds are a summer favorite both in and out of the garden. Yolo Wonder L seeds are quick to yield, boasting dense 4″ bell peppers that turn from green to red as fruits mature, perfect for stuffing, grilling, or dicing. Try growing Yolo Wonder L seeds with Golden Cal Wonder for bright decorative color through the season.

This is the perfect sweet red pepper. You can stuff Yolo Wonders with any sort of filling. A good recipe is sauteed onion and sweet Italian sausage mixed with rice and added to the inside of these peppers. Top with cheese and bake. Or you could just slice this pepper and enjoy it raw. This pepper will have many uses in your kitchen.

Yolo berry seeds

Cant grade this cannabis because the quality is so low there is no way this is a fair shake to the strain or breeder. No disrespect!

Has a berry smell when ground.

This seems like a promising cross but quality was piss poor.

Last time trimed some other weed from this producer and while it wasnt super loud once smoked the effects were good.

The smell

Buy this weed if you are a total newbie with low tolerance but avoid like the plague if you are an experienced used.

The verdict

the grower who produced this did a terrible job. The cure is completely fucked.