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It’s morning in America, and we’re chugging Orangeade. Grab some sweet, citrusy, and grape-tinged THC power to wake and bake through weekend chores with this cultivar.

● Mimosa ⬆️ +13%

Mysteriously named with an elite Gelato flavor, Project 4516 combines Gelato 45 and the rare Platinum Puff. This top-shelf strain from California indoor bosses Grandiflora promises gassy, cookies scrumptiousness that’s perfect for smoothing over plot holes in movies like Godzilla vs. Kong.

Modified Grapes

Actor Seth Rogen’s California launch of Houseplant defied “celebrity weed” critics to deliver big, terpy, awesome, top-shelf indoor nugs. Now in 17 inviting dispensaries, all three Houseplant strains pass muster.

So yeah, this might seem slightly noobish, but since I’m teaching myself C after becoming reasonable at Java, I’ve already run into some trouble. I’m trying to use the rand() function in C, but I can only call it once, and when it do, it ALWAYS generates the same random number, which is 41. I’m using Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express, and I already set it up so it would compile C code, but the only thing not working is this rand() function. I’ve tried including some generally used libraries, but nothing works. Here’s the code: