Donald Owens
Hello friends, my name is Donald Owens. I’m a professional cannabis grower for a large dispensary in Los Angeles, California, U.S.

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Hi! I’m Donald Owens – the founder of BUSHWEEDO seed bank. For 25 years, my life has been dedicated to growing marijuana and learning everything there is about it. After a small setup at home for 5 plants, I started experimenting with different techniques and setups before deciding on starting an online company that offers high-quality products in all aspects related to cannabis cultivation from seeds through finished products including clothing accessories for stoners like myself who are always looking out for good karma vibes by supporting hemp farmers as much as possible while promoting environmental sustainability practices too!

I was a green-thumbed college dropout when I realized that my skills with plants could be put to much better use. After years of hard work, in 2012 I decided to give up the lab coat and overalls for an office chair as CEO! Now, it’s time for you to get off your butt and follow the same path: go from being “just someone” into becoming part-owner of one (or more!) agricultural companies like me.

As a professional grower with nearly two decades of experience, I have dealt with every possible growing situation. From my own trial and error to the insight gained from experts on forums like this one (and more!), I’ve included all you need for success in securing quality marijuana seeds guaranteed to arrive and germinate!


You know the feeling when you’re stressed and need to chill out? That’s because marijuana can help. But if you don’t want a clouded head, consider growing your own particular strain at home from cannabis seeds. What kind of seed should I buy? Where do I start looking for them? To find quality feminized or autoflowering seeds that are guaranteed, visit BUSHWEEDO – one of the best places online where customers leave thousands of five-star reviews on their products!

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Here’s how you buy the best weed seeds. You can find them at a store or online.


You can find cannabis seed banks all over the internet. They are a good place to start when you want to plant marijuana for personal use, or if you’re interested in growing it commercially and would like more strains than what your local dispensary has available.

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Sadly, there are not many reliable cannabis seed banks that you can find online. So we wanted to be the best and provide quality products for customers like yourself to grow their own delicious marijuana plants!

We are not like the other seed banks that just provide seeds, but we also teach you how to grow them. We don’t want our clients going into this blindly and miss out on all of these wonderful benefits!

There is no need for concern if you’re new in Cannabis culture or a first-time buyer. BUSHWEEDO has got your back with its extended knowledge base about cannabis-related topics such as cultivation tips and more.

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You’re not alone in your hesitation to buy pot seeds online. We know how hard it can be to find weed and reliable marijuana seed banks, which is why we stock our store with the best feminized and high THC seeds for sale on the market today. That’s right! Every order will come complete with free cannabis seeds that are sure to please even a seasoned veteran like yourself!

BUSHWEEDO is an online store that specializes in high-quality, but cheap feminized cannabis seeds. They guarantee to send you a pack of 10 or more premium weed seed strains with every order. And if your crop doesn’t grow as expected? No worries! BUSHWEEDO offers free pot plants for all orders and even comes equipped with the option to have their experts help you out on any potential issues. If quality matters – shop at this wonderful website today!


Buying cannabis seeds is a simple and enjoyable process at the BUSHWEEDO seed shop.

We make it easy to order cannabis seeds. We’re one of few online seedbanks that let you pay in cash and Bitcoin, so when your bank blocks a charge because they think the transaction is suspicious, don’t worry! Just email us with your full name on any orders made from credit cards or we’ll process them using another form of payment even if this means ordering more feminized cannabis seeds for free as an apology for the inconvenience caused by our customer’s bank blocking charges due to their suspicions about legitimacy.

There are many reasons why Americans buy seeds from American seed banks. Some may be unaware that shipping is always free, and others might think they will save money on it by buying locally, but in the end, they don’t. Others want to know their product was grown where its customers live because of environmental safety concerns or worries about imports getting into a system as tightly regulated as food production can seem like an additional worry for those who oppose GMOs (genetically modified organisms). Regardless of what your reason is there’s one thing we all have in common: service matters! We ship every day at no cost here so you get quality products delivered quickly with our hassle-free customer care team standing by ready to answer any question 24/7.

Super stealthy shipping ensures the safety of your order while guaranteeing that you get what you want. Why not take advantage and let us cover all bases? We offer full protection for your package with our super discreet packaging methods.


There’s no need to wait for your seeds until they sprout. You have to follow a few simple steps and avoid common mistakes that other people make when growing plants from seedlings. For example, beginners’ first mistake most often committed is not getting their seeds moist enough before planting them in soil-less potting mix or containers with holes at the bottom of each cell where water can drain out easily. This will help get the best possible growth rate because watering should only be done about once every week after germination takes place.

The first time you see a white tendril appear on your plant, it’s the taproot and from which all other roots will grow. As soon as this happens to your seedling, congratulations!

Planting a seed is an exciting and important process because the future of your crop depends on it. You need to make sure that you keep your roots moist during this time, while also keeping them warm with either heating pads or incandescent lights. Be gentle but careful when planting at this stage so as not to damage any taproot hairs – which are delicate threads that come out from under each root hair (they help plants take in water). And don’t forget: always plant seeds face down!

As the taproot grows, you will notice your seed has begun to push up through the soil surface. This is how it starts its journey from being a small, tiny plant into what could be an herbaceous wonder! Next, you’ll start seeing leaves called cotyledons which should come first as they are one of two things that form inside seeds before germination (the other thing being roots). Afterward, there should grow jagged-edged leaves signaling that now would probably be time for some specific care and watering techniques in order not damage them any further than necessary at this point.

It’s important to remember that your plants need constant care and attention, especially when it comes time for the final stage of their life. We have guides with information about how you can provide them what they need so they grow as beautifully as possible!